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Racism Is Getting Absurd.

April 5, 2012

The recent news that Burger King has removed it’s new campaign for their Chicken Rap, Featuring Mary J. Blige singing a “Chicken Rap”, is a new level in grasping at Racism straws.  The only safe bet would have been to use a white rapper but I guess they didn’t want it to suck.  I mean if they tried to give her two mill in chicken as payment I could see the uproar.

I hate to break this to  to any offended parties out there,but.  Do you know who else is partial to chicken? mmm?  The entire Human Race, that’s who.  They’re are literally more chickens on this planet than people.

Mary J. Blige, who, I am sure is not offended and is an obvious sensible person would agree that she never expected any backlash from a New sandwich commercial.

I feel like some people out there do not want Racism to go away.  The constant exercise of the race card is not necessary.  I have news, Racism is never going away.  Until the Earth is one race that is,  I however love the fact that we are such a diverse planet.  I want to make fun of other races I want other races to poke fun at my race.

We are human beings, our difference are dare I say, Humorous.  The humor should be embraced and unless seriously distateful should be tolerated by those a little to sensitive to these things.

The fact is in this country what you can not make fun of is a large race of people that in no way is up against it or economically challenged.  Truth is it really has been sometime since the economy has had an eye for color and every race on the planet has taken it on the chin one way or another.

I should hope that the commercial I saw would not have upset anyone, but alas I am not African American so don’t presume about such things.  I do know however feel that African Americans at my income level recognize nonsense when they see it.  When you only see it on the news and people on the street are not talking about it, it’s not real.  It is nice to know that no matter what the race a Lawyer is always a greedy bastard not above nonsense.  This is my First Blog and kind of just a practice run.

The End,

The Original SheepDog.


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